Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box

    Disc musical box

    Germany, Leipzig

    Symphonion Musikwerke

    Wood (mahogany, walnut root, walnut, birch), metal; carving, marquetry

    68 х 34.5 х 63 сm, disc diameter 50 cm


    Wooden rectangular casket on wide base, with a lock and a hinged lid. The case is mahogany veneered. The perimeter of the base and lid top surface are framed with carved edging with foliate curls, the case side planes are decorated with half-columns. Rectangular wooden frames with walnut root veneer inserts surround the perimeter of the case front side, lateral sides, and the lid top and inner surfaces. The casket facade is decorated with lozenge-shaped walnut veneer onlays. The lid on both sides is mahogany veneer ed with walnut veneer inserts and veins of birch wood, a picture with flower buds in the marquetry technique is in the center. The movement consists of a metal disc and four sound combs for 120 tones. A crank on the right lateral side winds the musical movement; the slide-out handle for activating tunes is beneath it. Musical media: metal disc.