Disc Musical Boxes

Musical box with metal disk

    Musical box with metal disk

    Germany, Leipzig

    Late 19th - early 20th centuries

    Symphonion Musikwerke

    Wood , metal, paper

    26.4 х 18 х 20 cm, disc diameter 19.4 cm

    On sound comb: "159192", inscription on the bottom "2744"

    Rectangular wooden box with push-button lock and a hinged lid. The body and the lid are painted imtating wenge wood. The lid external surface is framed with a streak painted imitating the texture of rosewood, the center is decorated with images of flower arrangements alike the  marquetry technique. The rural landscape and images of gnomes are on the lid inner side, the inscription "Symphonion" is above it. Musical movement consists of a metal disk and a sound comb for 41 tunes. The movement is winded by a handle is on the case right side, and activated with a sliding lever on the left side.
    Music media: metal disk.