Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box

    Disc musical box

    Germany, Leipzig

    Symphonion Musikwerke

    Wood, metal, glass, paper

    49 х 23.,5 х 37.5 cm, disc 30.1 cm


    Casket in varnished wooden case. The casket stands on four round chiseled feet, the corners are decorated with carved balusters. A winding lever the movement is on the front side, the lever that activates the melodies is beneath it. Carved metal handles are on both sides, a lever is on the left-hand side. In the upper part of the casket, in the center is A marquetry onlay with foliate pattern is in the center of casket upper part. A metal handle is in the form of a lion’s head with a ring. A picture depicting angels that sing and play musical instruments is on the lid inner side under glass. The casket movement is closed with the glazed lid. Two combs. The range is 86 tones. Musical media: metal disk.