Musical Houseware

Musical ceramic panel "Holy family"

    Musical ceramic panel "Holy family"


    Late 19th - early 20th centuries

    Tomas & Krannig

    Wood, steel, brass, biscuit; carving, painting, casting, mechanical work

    63 x 47 x 9 cm, 4.5 kg

    On the ribbon beneath the figures: “La Sainte Famille”


    Niche with the composition of “Holy Family” is in carved wooden frame under glass. Made of white biscuit and artistically painted in soft tints, the composition depicts the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus Christ and her husband Saint Joseph. Crimped folds of golden color silk surround the composition. A ribbon with the inscription in French “La Sainte Famille” is beneath the figures.
    The niche is framed by multicolored image of three-bladed arch applied on the cover glass inner surface. Golden color cherubs surrounded by ribbons and acanthus leaves are on the plinth blue-green background. The arch is supported by golden columns with the images of saints with halos over their heads. Acanthus leaves and curls frame vases with royal lilies beneath golden crowns. The space between the blades and the upper arch of the arch is decorated with the quatrefoils patterns. A vase with leaves and two fancy feathered creatures on the sides is in the arc breaking. The arch is on black background.

    Musical movement with cylinder and sound comb is mounted in the wooden case that covers the panel rear side. A keyhole and activating button are located on the case right side. Winding key is in the set.