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Mechanical toy "Barking Dog"

    Mechanical toy "Barking Dog"


    Circa 1990

    Horse hair, fabric (velvet), papier-mache; molding, mechanical works, carving, coloring

    38 x 21 x 44 cm


    Mechanical toy in the form of papier-mâché figure of a French bulldog standing on four legs, with wooden wheels on pads, allowing the dog to move horizontally. The dog's skin is beige, moving head, with black standing ears and moving lower jaw. Black spots are around the dog brown glass eyes and short tail. Collar of hard to the touch brown horse hair is around its neck, light brown dog-collar with a hole, with metal chain with a ring on its end. If one pulls the chain, the dog's head moves, the lower jaw drops, the toothed mouth opens, a squeak is heard that imitate hoarse bark, then the mouth closes.