Musical Houseware

Musical violine shaped bottle

    Musical violine shaped bottle

    Switzerland, Italy

    Mid 20th century

    Drioli - bottle

    Murano glass

    11 x 32 cm


    The bottle is produced by the trading house "Fabbrica di Maraschino Drioli di Zara", which was founded in 1759 by the Venetian merchant Francesco Drioli in the town of Zara, the capital of Dalmatia, and is known for its Maraschino cherry liqueur. Fabbrica di Maraschino Drioli is also known for their hand-made Murano glass bottles and decanters, which were produced mainly in the 1950's and 1970's and are now valued by collectors from all over the world. Cylinder musical movement is fitted in the bottle bottom. Is activated when the bottle is raised. The range is 19 tunes. Music media: pinned metal cylinder.