Musical Houseware

Musical box for tea caddy and cup storage

    Musical box for tea caddy and cup storage



    Sycamore wood, varnish, glass, metal, silk; pen work (painting)

    20 х 31 х 16 cm


    Rectangular sycamore wood case in black pen work with lid showing an interior scene of the singing of the Scottish song  "On Fastin-e'en," the sides printed with thistles, gilt metal lion mask and ring handles, ball feet, the interior fitted with a pair of tea caddies their lids  with the texts of "The Reel o' Tullochgorum" and the "Marquis of Huntly's Reel," flanking a hand-blown glass mixing bowl, full size music movement fitted in the base, fusée-wound, the comb with 61 individual teeth each labeled as to tuning and playing the melodies of the songs on the tea caddies.