Musical Houseware

Musical Christmas tree stand

    Musical Christmas tree stand

    Germany, Leipzig

    Circa 1900

    Kalliope Musikwerke

    Wood, metal, fabric (velvet), glass

    44 х 50 х 28 cm; disk 18 cm


    Stand for Christmas tree, made of mahogany. Metal handles are on the lateral sides. The upper and lower profiles are painted black. A door is on the left side top, movement playing metal discs is beneath it. The lid and the door are connected by gold-plated hinges. Metal triangular onlays are on the corners in the upper part of the stand. Onlays are covered with green velvet inside. Gilded metal glass for fastening the Christmas tree is in the center. It is decorated with floral patterns, with three binder bolts. Metal onlay is on the rear side surface and an aperture for a crank handle is in the front side.

    The range is 36 tunes. Music media: metal disk. Four discs are in the set.