Lapidary Works of Art and Ivories

Set of cigar accessories "Spider’s web"

    Set of cigar accessories "Spider’s web"

    The 20th century

    Quispe Aparicio, Luis Alberto

    Lapis lazuli, wood, silver; carving, polishing, intarsia, gilding

    Cigar box (humidor) 41.9 x 31 x 17.7 cm, ashtray 35 x 19 x 12.7, cigar cutter 7 cm


    Humidor, ashtray and cigar cutter comprise the set. The theme of the spider's web runs throughout the design of this smoking set: entirely hand-made with egg and dart borders of gold vermeil, intarsia of lapis lazuli rests between gold vermeil spider's web decorated with bare branches pattern. Wood lined interior is ornamented with large spider made of lapis and vermeil set on the hinged lid inner side. Together with an ashtray of large proportions, featuring a bare branch with a spider web cast between, with inlaid sections of lapis lazuli, with a cigar holder placed on each side, together with oval cigar cutter having inlaid sections of lapis lazuli in the same spider web theme.