Russian Enamel

Candlestick for one candle

    Candlestick for one candle

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    Early 20th century

    Imperial Stroganov College

    Copper; filigree enamel

    Height 22.5 cm, base diameter 15.5 cm


    Candlestick for a single candle comprised of hemispherical base cut with oblong ovals, twisted stem - stand and cylindrical candlestick with deflected edges. The candlestick surface is decorated with enamel on filigree ornament realized in the Russian style. The base oblong ovals and stand are decorated with scaly pattern alternating with the foliage one. The candlestick is decorated with pearls like beads and floral ornament. The enamels color scheme is based on a combination of white, green, light blue, turquoise and blue shades.