Russian Enamel

Krinka-shaped milk jug with the inscription in Cyrillic

    Krinka-shaped milk jug with the inscription in Cyrillic


    Silver, enamel; champlevé enamel, carving, gilding

    Height 12.5 cm

    Marks: “G.(?)D.”; “88”; Moscow city mark with the date “1861”


    Silver milk jug in the Russian Style, stylized as an earthenware vessel - krinka, with spherical, slightly flattened body, segueing into high cylindrical neck, complemented by thin semicircular handle. The body of the jug is decorated with geometrized braid with enamel rosettes and floral patterns in ornately shaped frames on blue enamel background. The inscription in Cyrillic located in separate reserves on blue background and stylized as ligatures script is located along the jug body upper part The jug neck upper and lower parts are decorated with lozenge-shaped white-blue enamel frieze with rosettes. The handle is smooth and free of decor. The enamels color scheme is based on the combination of white and blue shades.