Russian Enamel

Cup-shaped stoup

    Cup-shaped stoup

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Silver, enamel; filigree enamel, repousse, gilding

    Height 3.5 cm

    Marks: masker’s “G.P”; Tee of the St. Petersburg District Assay department 1908-1917 with alloy "88" and Greek letter "alpha"; "88" (alloy).


    Gilded inside silver cup-shaped stout on square base with rounded corners, with walls smoothly turning into cylindrical crown, with “S”-shaped handle, in the Russian style. The walls surface is decorated with six-petal rosettes over enamel filigree background and framed by curly leaves. The walls corners are emphasized by frames in the form of arches with filigree enamel stylized flowers. A belt comprised of row trefoils filled with green enamel is along the edge. The enamels color scheme is built on the combination of blue, white, purple, turquoise, red and green shades.