Russian Enamel




    Early 20th century

    Wood, leather, enamel, silk

    11.0 х 34.0 х 22.0 cm


    Wooden right-angled box, covered with smooth light-brown leather, hinged cover plate with rounded corners and a clip-on latch decorated with thirty round lockets with enamel paintings over filigree background in the Neo-Russian style. Front and rear sides feature four lockets each, lateral sides feature three each, and fifteen lockets grouped in three rows of five, are placed on the cover top (one of them that is placed in the center, it is bigger than others).

    The lockets feature stylized floral (tulip-shaped, quatrefoiled and fancy flowers, a twiggy tree) and zoomorphic ornaments (a bear with an axe, possibly, inspired by Yaroslavl city coat of arms, a bird with a cop, a double-headed fancy bird with crossed wings), tetramorphic images of evangelists John (an eagle) and Luke (a bull), a stylized image of a boat. The images are placed on yellow, purple, green-turquoise, grayish and blue backgrounds. The variation of the colour scheme of the central image and the background creates the impression of huge decoration variety.

    The ornament of fancy flowers on yellow background decorates the box latch and clasp.
    The enamels' colour scheme is built on a combination of purple, yellow, turquoise, blue, white, green, orange tints.

    In terms of artistic and stylistic design the enamel lockets of the box resemble the works of M.K.Tenisheva, which gives ground to suppose that she participated in the creation of this item.