Russian Enamel

Small round box

    Small round box

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Silver, enamel; filigree enamel with painted finishing, enamel over guilloché, filigree, granulation, gilding

    Diameter 5.5 cm, height 2.1 cm

    Marks:”MC”; certification mark and tee of Moscow District Assay department in 1908-1917 with alloy “84”


    Small round small box with hinged lid, decorated in the Neo Russian style with polychrome enamels. The box sides are adorned with filigree enamel with the pattern comprised of lush flowers and triangles, on blue and white-beige backgrounds and complemented with granulation work. The box lid is decorated with transparent red enamel on guilloche background. The lid edge is emphasized with a row of filigree rings with white enamel and a row of filigree curls on green background. Filigree bundles emphasize the box bottom and upper edges, and the lid. The enamels’ color scheme is based on the combination of blue, green, white-beige, red and brown colors and their shades.