Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow

    last quarter of the 19th century

    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; champleve enamel, painted enamel, gilding

    6.4 х 8.2 х 1.4 cm

    Marks: "ПО"; "BC" above the date (unreadable), "84", Moscow city coat of arms; city of Moscow mark with alloy "84"


    Rectangular purse with rounded corners, consisting of two flaps (lids) with a snap shutter, decorated with the Russian style cloisonne and painted enamel. Both flaps (lids) are decorated with rectangular painted enamel insets with genre scenes depicting Malorussian everyday life. The lids edges are ornated by the belt of red and turquoise geometric enamel patterns on blue background. One lid features the image of young peasant girl carrying a basket and a rake on her shoulder and holding a small girl by the hand while taking her across the river. The second lid features a sketch near the well -  a young girl and a young man looking at her, an old man to whom the girl passes a bucket with water.