Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    Silver; champlevé enamel, carving, repousse

    6.0 х 8.0 х 1.5 сm

    Marks: "НД"; Moscow city coat of arms, "1976" with alloy "84"; "84"


    Oval-shaped purse, consisting of two covers with a snap shutter, decorated with the Russian style enamel pattern. Both covers are decorated with oval medallions edged with belts of floral-geometric ornaments comprised of zigzags, triangles and stylized shamrocks. The proverb "WHO CARES ABOUT MONEY WILL LIVE WITHOUT NEED" is written in the medallion on one covers. Three-bladed “cartouche” with smooth round shield for monogram is inside the other medallion. The empty space on the medallion and “cartouche” is filled with foliage curls on repousse and blue backgrounds. The color scheme of enamels is based on the combination of red, green, blue and turquoise colors.