Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow

    last quarter of the 19th century

    Silver; filigree enamel, filigree, gilding, repousse, granulation

    6.2 х 4.0 х 2.1 cm

    Marks: "ИГ"; Moscow city mark; "84"


    Rectangular matchbox with ornately shaped sides, decorated in the Russian style with filigree enamel. The matchbox facades are decorated with floral rosettes arranged on a sun-screened background with curly leaves diverging in mirror symmetry and scanned rings with turquoise enamel.  The matchbox sides' edges are framed by scanned rings with turquoise enamel. The enamel's color scheme is based on the combination of  turquoise, blue, red, white, green and lilac tints. Rectangular pull-out box of yellow metal  is inserted into the matchbox case (the storage compartment for matches), its lateral sides are decorated with filigree and granulation composition of circles, rosettes and curls.