Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    Khlebnikov factory

    Silver; champlevé enamel, carving, gilding

    Marks: "НЗ"; Moscow city coat of arms; date "1982", alloy "84"


    Spoon with oval smooth deep cup, with a smooth, rounded, decorated with notched enamel stem with round finial. The spoon external surface is decorated with multicolor enamel pattern in the Russian style, consisting of ornamental eight-petal rosette with smooth central medallion, supplemented by heart-shaped ornament with foliage curls "growing" from one petal. The image is framed by Cyrillic  inscription in Cyrillic along the entire edge of the spoon cup: "ПРАДЕДЫ НАШИ КУШАЛИ ПРОСТО ДА ЖИЛИ НА СВЕТЕ ЛЕТЪ СО СТО".
    The spoon stem and finial are decorated with geometric pattern of  multicolour enamel rhombuses.
    The enamels color scheme is based on the combination of red, blue, blue, white, black and green shades.