Russian Enamel

Smoking kit

    Smoking kit

    Russia, Moscow


    A.Kuzmichev bronze and silverware factory

    Silver; enamel over filigree

    19.5 х 18 cm

    Marks: "AK"; Moscow coat of arms, "88"


    Smoking kit consisting of several parts: round container for cigarettes (smokables), rotating around its axis with an arc-like hand grip on the pin joint and removable cover, two movable matchbox holders and two semi-oval match box ash trays with removable inner insertions. The kit has round profiled foundation, stand-baluster, cylindrical body and a lid with round central part. Lateral protruding details forming the place for two match boxes are decorated with elegant stylized head-bands with ornamental edge. The surface of the kit is covered with bright polychrome enamel filigree. The container for smokables is decorated with a bunch of luxurious fancy stems, leaves and grass with fruit and flowers. The floral design on blue and purple enamel is colored with bright turquoise, green and white enamels, enriched with red semi-transparent glowing enamel with added pieces of gold foil ("sur paillon"). The design of the foundation, ash-trays and removable cover features frisos with polypetalous rosettes, leaves, pearl beads and sharp oval cartouches with fancy flower buds inscribed into them. Blue and light blue color shades are dominant in the enamel. The smoking kit is made in the Russian style.