Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; champleve enamel, gilding

    Height 5.3 cm; length 12.2 cm

    Marks: "P.OVCHINNIKOV", two-headed eagle;"V.S / 1874", "91", Moscow city coat of arms


    Boat-shaped ladle with low sides, on a tray, with a handle shaped as a round loop, with a figured plate at the top, stylised as peluste. The ladle bottom is decorated with a four-petal rosette. The exterior sides are decorated with several horizontal rows of geometric floral ornament, consisting of "scallop" girdles, ovals and diamonds, a spiral with five-petal rosette insets, and decorative diapers. The geometric floral design also decorates the ladle handle, the edge of which is accentuated with a blue enamel stripe. The ornament features the Russian style champleve enamel.

    The enamels colour scheme is based on the combination of navy, blue, white, green, and red tints.