Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    Silver; painted enamel, cloisonné enamel, gilding

    Height 4.4 cm; length 10 cm

    Marks: illegible marks of workshop and a tee of Moscow District Assay Administration 1908-1917; a scratched number "B-463-585-210-694"


    Boat-shaped ladle, with low sides, with the spout crowned with cast knobble, with peluste handle decorated with painted enamel over filigree in the Neo-Russian style. The ladle crown and the handle sides are accentuated by twisted braid. Along the crown, on the sides exterior and interior surfaces passes geometric diamond girdle against black background. The ladle interior is decorated with fancy flowers with opulent leaves, completed with fine filigree circles or triangle compositions of them, against the light green background.
    The enamels colour scheme is based on the combination of shades of navy, blue, green, red-pink, white, and yellow tints.