Russian Enamel

Miniature ladle

    Miniature ladle

    Russia, Moscow


    A.Kuzmichev bronze and silverware factory

    Silver; enamel over filigree, chasing, gilding

    4.5 х 19.3 х 10 cm

    Marks: "AK", "L.O./1895", "88", emblem of Moscow, legend: "made for Tiffany & Co"


    Boat-shaped miniature ladle on the tray, with shelf-like round handle, in the Russian style, decorated with multi-coloured enamel over filigree. The inner surface is decorated by two narrow blue enamel bands with the pattern between them made of white circles with red and green petals inside. The spout and the handle are decorated with ornamental filigree pattern vignettes with enamel floral pattern on chiselled background. The handle features a plain heart-shaped medallion with carved monogram framed with green petals on white background. The exterior sides of the miniature ladle are decorated with a sophisticated enamel composition against chiselled background, resembling a peacock's tail in terms of its pattern and colour gamut.

    The enamels colour scheme is built on the combination of light- and dark-blue, green, white and red tints.


    A.Kuzmichev's firm was actively trading with foreign countries, including the famous Tiffany company. Articles intended for export from Russia had the legend "made for Tiffany & C".

    The dipper shape sends us back to a traditional Russian ladle, but it differs from it due to its small size, the presence of the tray and the handle type