Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; enamel over engraving, gilding

    4.6 х 4.9 х 4.9 cm

    Marks: "P.OVCHINNIKOV", double-headed eagle; "ИК/1880", "88", Moscow city coat of arms


    Round stoup with high sides, convex in the bottom part, on ring-shaped low base tray, made in the Russian style. The stoup body is decorated with the ornament of plant curls making clear rhythmical patterns of heart-shaped contour and stylised six-petal flower with stem and leaves. The patterns in the engraved enamel (a kind of champlevé enamel) are placed in ornately shaped medallions, every other medallion having turquoise background. The stoup crown with geometrical belt, "woven" of ovals and diamonds.

    Enamel colours: blue, turquoise, green, bright green, orange and yellow.


    This stoup was made by P. Ovchinnikov's firm at the period when its founder Pavel Akimovich Ovchinnikov owned and personally ran the company. The stoup, made at a high level of artistry and craftsmanship, can be classified as a high-value item, which is emphasised not only by high-purity silver (88), but also the use of a complicated labour-intensive enamellist technique (i.e. engraved enamel), which was used in Russia by very few and in small numbers