Russian Enamel

Potpourri vase with detachable lid

    Potpourri vase with detachable lid

    Russian Empire, Russian North

    Early 18th century

    Copper, enamel; filigree enamel, filigree, cutting

    Height 17 cm


    Potpourri vase, in the shape of a grace cup, on three warped feet, with detachable lid. The body is decorated with stylized filigree floral pattern with multicolor enamel and four onlay round medallions with enamel rosettes inside, framed by small filigree rings with white enamel. The detachable convex cover with two stripes of slotted lozenge-shaped ornament along the edge is decorated with the belt of filigree rings with green and yellow enamel and stylized filigree enamel foliage pattern on white background. The grip is realized in the form of a baluster.