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Easter egg "Fresh bouquet”

    Easter egg "Fresh bouquet”


    Oleg Tarutin

    Gold (nielloed), diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, tanzanites, rose quartz, topaz, indicolites, rhodonites; faceting, casting, engraving, polishing

    Height 11.5 cm


    A single copy. Egg from faceted crystal with the hinged upper part in gold setting, bejeweled with three rows of diamonds and indigolites. The finial in the shape of diverging golden rays adorned with diamonds and a pearl bird, with golden beak, tail, feathers and eyes that sits on golden perch. The stem is comprised of gold pressed-flat ball decorated with rubies, diamonds and demantoid garnets that rests on the base from polished rose quartz in ornately shaped golden setting with foliage motifs, on four feet, decorated with gem stones, with four flower-shaped pendants from round blue stones in golden settings and with diamond leaves. Gold bouquet with flowers made from gemstones.