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Moon phase Egg Clock with digital jumping hour, three dimensional moon phase and musical movement

    Moon phase Egg Clock with digital jumping hour, three dimensional moon phase and musical movement

    Germany, Switzerland, Pforzheim / Zurich


    Mayer Victor - case, Gerber Paul - movement, Fabergé firm

    Gold, enamel, rose quartz, rock crystal, onyx, sapphires; enamel over guilloche, casting, carving, polishing, parfling

    Height 24.5 cm

    Limited edition of 12 pieces


    Easter egg clock covered with blue enamel over guilloche surface is mounted on rose quartz stem in golden setting and bands adorned with diamonds. The stem rests on square base on four cylindrical supports with facets, from black onyx with golden rims. Fixed golden hands and concentric revolving ring-shaped indices are in the upper part. Five-minutes intervals on gilded rotating dial with minutes’ divisions are marked by sapphires, engraved Arabic numerals mark fifteen minutes intervals. Quartz glass window is below. Goldish Arabic numerals for hours’ designation on white enamel field are visible through it.

    The Solar calendar index with golden signs of the zodiac on blue enamel surface is above the minutes’ dial. Spherical moon phase indicator mounted on guilloche blue pavilion of heaven, covered with translucent blue enamel with golden stars crowns the composition. The dark part of the moon phase indicator is made from black onyx, the light one is bestrewed with diamonds, the index rear side is closed with golden hemisphere with Latin inscription “FORTUNA VELUT LUNA STATU VARIABILIS” (Fortune is changeable like the Moon). The upper part is covered with transparent dome made of rock crystal. Ornamental bands and onlay elements in the form of hands and medallions are in diamonds’ frames. Oval medallions, covered with translucent blue enamel over guilloche, with central full-cut diamonds are on the base four sides. The medallion on the base front panel serves as a door. Winging hole for winding the clock and musical movement is behind it. The button with the diamond on the right medallion provides an opportunity of selectable activating of the musical movement with sound comb and pinned cylinder. At noon, the musical movement turns on automatically and performs the melody by Claude Debussy (08.22.1862-25.03.1918) "Moonlight" (Clair de Lune). The perverted image of number “2’” is on the movement bottom panel (a specimen number?). 

    Bridge movement on 15 jewels, rhodium-plated, 8-day power reserve, key wind, "fausses côtes" decoration, twin barrel, screw compensation balance, index spring fine adjusting device.

    The egg is stored in wooden case with swing doors and two fasteners. Two winding keys and pin with round knob are in the set.