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Agate table vanity case

    Agate table vanity case


    circa 1760

    John Barbot

    Gold, agate, enamel, glass, ivory, ruby; chasing, polishing

    5.5 x 4.4 x 3.3 cm, 146 gr

    Rectangular vanity case with a hinged lid and push-button lock with ruby insert. The case is  made of translucent gray agate plates with white veins in gold chased setting with rocailles, floral and foliage patterns, with the images of animals and birds. The motto: "DOVE REGINA LA STIMA NON CANGIA AMORE" on white enamel background is on three sides of the lid bottom part. The set consists of two scent bottles, a jack-knife, a small spoon, tweezers, a pencil and ivory plates for notes.