Jewellery and Accessories



    Russia, St. Petersburg

    middle of the 19th century

    S.Arndt's workshop

    Gold, enamel

    Length 20 cm

    Master's mark: "SA", gold alloy "72"; St. Petersburg city mark


    Golden bracelet with turquoise enamel, consists of separate flexible jointed parts in the shape of a snake's scale. The snake's body ends with two balusters with turquoise enamel. Instead of the snake's head the bracelet's clasp has a shape of a pulvinated intricately tied knot. The knot is decorated with bright-turquoise enamel, its colour and texture is almost identical to those of natural gems. Placed in the authentic green leather box with the inscription inside the cover: Янъ Рейманъ / С.П.Б. / Невский 31 (Jan Reiman / St. Petersburg / Nevsky Prospect, 31).

    During the Romantic period the jewellery often featured different interpretations of love and romantic feelings. Ornaments were shaped as bows and knots (symbolizing the strength of love and family ties), Cupid's golden arrows as well as snakes. A snake curling into a hoop shape and grasping its tail in its mouth was a symbol of a strong family union, indissoluble bond of marriage.