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Pencil-pendant with an egg-pendant [in authentic box]

    Pencil-pendant with an egg-pendant [in authentic box]

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Ivan Britzin enamel, gold and silverware workshop "Russian Enamel"

    Gold; enamel over guilloche

    Length 10.2 cm

    Mark "ИБ"; identification mark of St. Petersburg district Assay Office 1908-1917; "56"


    Pencil in gold case in the form of pendant eyelet and ring. The surface of flat rectangular case, with rounded sides and corners, is covered with transparent opal enamel over guilloche background. The case bottom is framed by smooth rounded golden edge. The top is divided by spoon-shaped embossment. The smooth dismountable pencil's tip is golden. Golden egg-pendant is fixed to the case. It is covered with opal enamel over guilloche background. The pencil is embedded in the authentic box with the inscription in Cyrillic on the inner side.