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Bonbonniere with miniatures

    Bonbonniere with miniatures

    France, Paris


    Jacques Varrier

    Gold, enamel, glass, paper, tortoise shell; chasing, repousse, enamel over guilloche

    2 х 6.9 cm, 109 gr

    Maker's mark; city of Paris of 1784-1785, two charge and discharge marks of Henry Clavel 1783-1789


    Gold circular bonbonnière with removable lid. The lid inset with five glazed watercolour and gouache miniatures on paper depicting Rococo manor and garden views with figures, within bright-cut gold mounts on a sablé gold panel with four dividers chased with three-colour gold flower vases and baskets, the sides and base inset with panels of plum-coloured translucent enamel on an engine-turned ground of pellets on horizontal respectively concentric reeding, the lateral four side dividers stamped with husks, the gold borders stamped with pellets alternating with trailing leaves, the inside lined with dark tortoise shell.