Western European Metal Artworks

Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Germany, Hanau

    early 20th century

    Neresheimer & Co

    Silver; casting, chasing, engraving

    Height 71 cm

    Hallmarks: "Neresheimer", city of Hanau, London import mark 1911


    Table decoration, a vessel in the form of two-masted ship with fluttering banners and with the swayed up goosewing and gaff sails. The engraved images are on the sails. The royal coat of arms and the bearing of the Garter Order are among those images. The baskets (the so-called "mars" or "crow's nest") with looking out sailors in them are on each mast. The ship's hull, shaped as a fantastic fish is decorated with the embossed image of sea creatures. The stern ends with a tail, the bow which serves as a drain spout, is performed in the form of the fish head, paws - in the form of fins. The cordage (rigging) of the ship, its crew and cannons on the deck are reproduced in the smallest details. A bowsprit with a banner and a descending anchor are at the bow part. The nave-ship is fixed on four openwork wheels.