Western European Metal Artworks

Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Western Europe

    late 19th century

    Silver; casting, chasing, engraving, gilding

    Height 76 cm

    London import mark 1899


    Table decoration in the form of a three-masted ship with fluttering banners, with ten hoisted goosewing and gaff-sails, and one folded sail. The engraved images of arms are on gaff-sails. The baskets (so-called "mars" or "crow's nest") with looking out sailors in them are on each mast. The ship's hull is decorated with chased images of sea gods and the Nereids. The cordage (rigging} of the ship, its numerous crew and cannons on the deck are reproduced in tiny details. The snout of the ship with two anchors hanging down is decorated with the figure of a mermaid; the stern - with the head of the Neptune. The nave ship is fixed on four openwork wheels.