Western European Metal Artworks



    France (?)

    last quarter of the 19th century

    Silver; casting, chasing, engraving

    Height 63 cm

    Hallmarks: assay mark with an insect image with number "1"; maker's mark, with one initial legible "C", and a year mark (?)


    High silver cylindrical beer mug on round shaped base with a hinged lid and S-shaped handle.

    The mug is performed in the Historism style, decorated with a variety of genre and ornamental motives: fruit bundles, mascarons, the so-called "rollverk-cartouches" (ribbon framed) and allegorical figures. The cylindrical surface of the body is decorated with a multifigured battle scene. The characters of this scene are dressed in stylized ancient armours. The scene might be associated with the famous poem by Italian poet of the XVIth century T.Tasso "Liberated Jerusalem". This poem inspired French craftsmen for many centuries. The depicted scene might be interpreted as an image of the battle near the walls of Jerusalem. The top of mug's lid is decorated by a helmet with the figurine of an ermine and a plume (birds feathers).