Western European Metal Artworks



    Germany, Berlin

    19th century

    Silver; casting, filigree

    Height 24.8 cm

    Hallmarks: "GU" (?); mark of Berlin


    Silver Bsamim is made in the form of an openwork circular tower with an opening door and a tall spire with a banner. The tower is placed on a smooth high cylindrical stem and a round shaped base which is decorated with ornamental swirls.

    Awdal ceremony or separation of Saturday from workdays is known sinc the ancient times. The incense usage was the integral part of it. Concerning the Jewish tradition, it is believed that an extra soul that is given to a man on Sabbath in prier to enjoy the quietness, is leaving him by the end of the day, and people become weaker. The inbreathed incense aroma strengthens them and helps to start the working week. Since Saturday and the end of this day always were significant in Judaism, all objects accompanying this day, were especially worshiped. A box for incenses, called "Bsamim" is among them.

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