Russian Metal Artworks

Piggy bank

    Piggy bank

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    A.Kuzmichev gold and silverware factory

    Silver; casting, chasing, gilding, slotting

    15.0 x 8.4 x 8.4 cm

    Marks: of the factory “AK”; tee of Moscow city Assay office: initials of assay master I. Konstantinov – “И.К” above the date “…881”. Alloy “84”; Moscow city coat of arms; alloy “84”


    Silver gilded inside piggy bank, on four supports, with hinged lid, in the Russian style. The piggy bank stand is designed in the shape of square wooden four logs-house, the cylindrical body with hinged lid in the form of wooden saddle roof rests on it. The body of the piggy bank is adorned with repoussed composition with the image the Russian Emperor Alexander III astride a horse, with hunting dog sitting at his feet and escort of Life (Leib) Cossacks headed by the officer. The piggy bank hinged lid is in the shape of saddle roof, complemented with brick chimney with oblong slot for dropping coins, two windows on the flat ends and carved cornices.