Russian Metal Artworks



    Russian Empire, Moscow

    Circa 1890

    K. Lincke workshop, Bolin firm

    Silver, crystal; faceting, casting, gilding

    Height 22.3 cm

    Marks:” BOLIN”; “ML”; tee of Moscow city Assay department in 1890 with silver alloy “84”


    Colorless transparent decanter is fixed on silver round base with partly gilded from the inner side rim of the throat with spout, a hinged lid with thumb ramp and a handle.
    The spherical body is decorated with "Russian stone" facet, the base - with multi-beam "star”. The lower part of the smooth cylindrical throat rim is adorned with fretted moulding of stylized lilies. The smooth lid thumb ramp is made in the form of palmette. L-shaped handle is smooth and free from decor.