Russian Metal Artworks

Paired decanters

    Paired decanters

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    The 1887-1898s

    Fabergé firm

    Silver, glass; faceting, casting, forge-rolling, gilding, chasing, flashed glass

    Height 14.6 and 14.9

    Marks: “К.Ф.“ ,Moscow city mark and silver alloy “84”


    Paired decanters made of colorless transparent glass with pink flashed glass, with gilded insight gilded throats’ rims with spouts, hinged lids and handles. Biconical bodies of both decanters are decorated with "beam" carving in lower part, and with embossed pattern resembling a braid in the upper part. Cylindrical rims are decorated with friezes with the images of multi-petal flowers, mother-of-pearl-shaped beads and the belt comprised of arches. Four silver suspended on gold bows garlands, tied thwart in the center are fixed to the rims’ bottom part. The decanters dome-shaped lids with grips in the form of pinecones are decorated with relief bulbs and corrugated belts. The L-shaped handle with the curl on the end is ornamented with forge rolled wickerwork braid belt with flower rosette inside.