Russian Metal Artworks

Salt seller

    Salt seller

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    Circa 1892

    Silver, enamel; casting, engraving, filigree enamel, repousse

    Height 7 cm, diameter 9.4 cm

    Marks: "НЗ" in rectangular shield; "AA / 1892", "84". The marks are false, since they do not meet the assay regulations requirements of 1882-1898 (the obligatory for marking city coat of arms is absent)


    Hemispherical bowl-shaped salt seller, made in the Russian style, on three feet in the form of bird claws holing three balls. The bowl inner surface is decorated with six-petal filigree enamel rosette with fancy flowers located inside the petals, on repoussed background. The engraved monogram is on the bowl external surface. The enamels color scheme is based on a combination of turquoise, blue, green, white, red and lilac shades.