Russian Metal Artworks

Vase for fruit

    Vase for fruit

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    The 14th Moscow jewelers Artel

    Silver, crystal, red color gems; faceting, casting, carving

    17.3 x 3.0 x 14.0 cm

    Mark of artel “14A”; certification marks of Moscow district Assay department in 190-1917; silver alloy “84”


    Old Russian ladle-shaped crystal vase, symbolically rendered with scalloped edge, notches and “diamond cut”, with monogram “AB” beneath the crown, with handles ornamented with silver boat spout and a figurine of the “looking forward” person in the Neo-Russian style. The boat spout is made in the form of scroll and adorned with decorative red stones inserts, Russian vityaz knight wearing a chain mail and a cone-crowned helmet, who is pearing into the distance, his right hand shielding his eyes.