Russian Metal Artworks



    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    1st silverware Artel, Fabergé firm

    Silver, crystal; faceting, casting, forge-rolling, gilding

    Height 27 cm

    Marks: firm – “К.ФАБЕРЖЕ”; artel – “1CA”; two-headed eagle – the Russian Empire coat of arms; mark of the Imperial Court Supplier; certification mark of St. Petersburg district Assay department in 1908-1917; silver alloy “84”


    Crystal cylindrical decanter, faceted with ovals with asterial-like pattern inside and diamond cut, with silver rim of the neck with spout, hinged lid with thumb ramp and ornately shaped handle in the Neo Classical style. Ring-shaped rim lower part is adorned with forge-rolled frieze with the image of acanthus leave. The rim upper part, with exception of spot decorated with foliage ornament, is decor free. The decanter hinged lid with thumb ramp is decorated with the stripe of beads along the edge and “leafy” rosette in the center with pine cone-shaped grip. The handle is in the form of curved stem with leaves.