Russian Metal Artworks

Ladle-shaped vase

    Ladle-shaped vase

    Russian Empire, Kiev


    The 1st Kiev jewelry and art-engraving workshop

    Silver, crystal; faceting, gilding, casting, chasing

    17.3 x 37.0 x 23.5 cm

    Artel mark: “1.К.-АРТЕЛЬ”; certification mark of Kiev assay department in 1908-1917; silver alloy “84”


    Colourless crystal ladle with silver-rimmed welt, fancy spout and ornately “boot” shaped handle. The vase crystal roundish bowl is decorated with carved geometric pattern featuring multi-beam stars. The welt and handle smooth surfaces are decorated with fancy flower buds and spiral curls/ Ornately shaped handle is ornamented with a flower bud image on one end and a square on the other one.