Russian Metal Artworks




    The 14th Moscow jewellers artel

    Silver, crystal; gilding, forge-rolling, casting, chasing

    Height 33 cm

    The artel mark: “14A”; certificate marks of Moscow district assay department in 1908-1917; silver alloy “84”


    Crystal conical shaped pitcher, faceted with lozenges with asterial patterns inside, with silver-rimed neck with spout, hinged lid and ornately shaped handle in the Historism style. The lower part of the ring-shaped rim part is decorated with the frieze comprised of palmettes. Two oval medallions with monograms inside, formed by the stylized lector bunch and complemented by laurel branches are in the center, against smooth background. The image of laurel branches is placed on the hinged lid. It frames the grip made in the form of stylized vine. Curly S-shaped handle is adorned with acanthus leaves merging in the fluted décor.