Russian Metal Artworks

Bible-shaped christening box

    Bible-shaped christening box

    Russia, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1770s

    Silver; niello, chiselling, gilding

    6.5 х 12.2 х 18.8 cm

    Mark: "Е*Б"; St. Petersburg city mark with the date "177…"


    Silver gilded rectangular christening box on four ball-shaped feet, with hinged lid, with two side buckles-locks, made in the form of a Bible. The top lid is decorated with the engraved depiction of the Epiphany scene illustrating the gospel story of Jesus Christ christening by John the Baptist in the Jordan River (Mark I, 10, 11, Matthew III, 16, 17). Two-headed eagle beneath the crown with the monogram of Empress Catherine II on the chest is on the bottom lid center. The side buckles-locks are decorated with the image of six-winged seraphim. The so-called "bandage" spine of the book that means, divided into parts by diametric bolster, is decorated with images of the St. Andrew's banner. The box inner space is divided by partitions into four compartments.