Russian Metal Artworks

Bible-shaped box

    Bible-shaped box

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    the 1770's

    Silver; niello, chiselling, gilding

    6.5 х 12.2 х 18.8 cm

    Mark: "Е*Б"; St. Petersburg city mark with the date "177…"


    Silver, parcel-gilt, round snuffbox with detachable lid. A premium award medal for the victory at Gangut in 1714 is built-in the lid. The portrait of Peter the Great is on the medal obverse. Borrowed from “The Book of Mars” (the book, narrating about the Great Northern War battles) of 1713, image of the sea battle in the vicinity of the islands with the circumferential inscription in Cyrillic: " ПРИЛѢЖАНИЕ * ИВѢРНО[СТЬ*ПРЕ] ВОСХОДИТЬ*СИЛНО" is on the reverse side. The lid rim is underlined by a strip of ovals; top and bottom edges of the smooth sides – by a belt with geometric ornament. The snuffbox bottom is decorated with a centered carved image of a floral rosette and a belt of ovals on the edge.