Russian Metal Artworks

Commemorative plate (flat bowl) "War of 1914"

    Commemorative plate (flat bowl) "War of 1914"

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Brass; presswork

    Diameter 10.9 cm


    Commemorative brass plate, hemispherical, with smooth walls. Embossed image of the Russian Empire state emblem with the inscriptions in Cyrillic: "ВОЙНА 1914 Г. К.ФАБЕРЖЕ" is in the round medallion on the flat bottom

    The plate belongs to a series of items that the company produced during the First World War.

    “About 600 people worked in the Faberge workshops on the eve of 1914. The outbreak of the First World War reduced production, but the company adapted its workshops to the needs of wartime and started to produce of items intended for the front - copper and brass camp samovars and teapots, saucepans and wash-stands, lighters and cups, syringes and containers for their sterilization. Faberge workshops began to produce impact fuzes and burning time fuzes, shells and missiles after receiving arms contracts.

    Moscow factory of Faberge was renamed in the Moscow Mechanical Plant. Faberge reported to the Russian Empire Military Department - “during the war I opened a mechanical plant, which employs about 600 people exclusively engaged in work related to the state defense, and presently, the company is already completing the first order for 6,500,000 parts of hand shells, a proof of that, a notarized copy of the Central Military-Industrial Committee certificate No. 4758 is attached hereto".

    On March 23, 1917, in the letter to the Minister of Justice Alexander Kerensky, he wrote that his "plant is fulfilling a large order of the Main Artillery Directorate for 2,000,000 brass artillery bushings of the 1915 type". The Military Department repeatedly used as an example the Faberge products for the efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing". "From the press release of the exhibition "Faberge and the Great War" (December 29, 2015 - June 26, 2016, St. Petersburg, Main Headquarters).