Russian Metal Artworks

Commemorative plate (flat bowl) "War of 1914"

    Commemorative plate (flat bowl) "War of 1914"

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Brass; presswork

    Diameter 10.9 cm


    Commemorative brass plate, hemispherical, with smooth walls. Embossed image of the Russian Empire state emblem and the inscriptions in Cyrillic: "ВОЙНА 1914 Г. К.ФАБЕРЖЕ" is in the round medallion on the flat bottom

    The exhibit belongs to a series of items that the company produced during the First World War.

    With the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the entire jewelry sector faced the harshest crisis. The Faberge firm managed to “survive” during this rugged period in spite of a cutback in orders. It was due to arms and shells sales, the production of which was organized at the Moscow factory that was renamed in the Moscow Mechanical Plant. In addition, taking into consideration the House of Romanov to endow with gifts the liege people, Carl Faberge proposed to the Emperor Nicholas II that he might manufacture the essential household items from copper, brass or spelter. They were flat bowls (plates, pots, cigarette cases, lighters for soldiers and officers with the image of the Russian Empire coat of arms, which would modify these items as state awards from Father the Tsar. The assortment of non-precious metal routine demand items for soldiers and officers by 1917 consisted of flat bowls, of the Chancery of His Imperial Majesty – silver, copper, brass items; various shell-shaped lighters or desktop copper or brass lighters, Pravaz syringes and field syringes containers; copper or brass pots, frying pans, cup holders, samovars and table lamps.