Russian Metal Artworks

Commemorative plate (flat bowl) "War of 1914"

    Commemorative plate (flat bowl) "War of 1914"


    Fabergé firm

    Copper; presswork

    Diameter 10.9 cm


    The plate belongs to a series of items that the company produced during the First World War. The recession in demand for jewelry during these years prompted the company owner to adapt his workshops to the needs of wartime and start making products intended for the front. The production of items for purely functional use made from budget-friendly and practical materials – brass, copper, and spelter was set up in the Moscow Mechanical Plant. It were filed-utensils mainly - mugs, pots, saucepans, samovars, teapots, primus stoves, basins and washstands. Presentation items were produced as well - ashtrays, cup holders, copper cigarette cases with the image of the Russian coat of arms and commemorative inscription "War of 1914" and "War 1914-1915". Such items were presented to soldiers and officers in the army field forces when Emperor Nicholas II visited the scene of operations.