Russian Metal Artworks

Bowl for sweets

    Bowl for sweets

    Russia, Moscow

    Khlebnikov factory

    Crystal, silver; faceting, casting, chasing, presswork

    12 x 12 cm

    Marks: "ИХ”, “ХЛЕБНИКОВЪ"; double-headed eagle; identification mark and Moscow District Assay Administration tee of 1908-1917 with alloy number “84”


    Crystal tetrahedral vase, with the scalloped rim, fan-shaped facet, in silver rim on four feet, with cambered hinged handle in the Neoclassical style. All four sides of the openwork rim are decorated with smooth oval medallions, highlighted with pearl-shaped ornament with two  symmetrical curls with rosettes at the bottom and crossed torches at the top. The rim corners are accented by eagles with spred wings. They rest on low feet decorated with lush rosettes. An oval medallion with the engraved monogram surrounded by oak  leaves is in the centre of the cambered handle; rosettes  alternating with bells are in the corners.