Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Warsaw


    Silver; presswork, chasing

    22.0 х 20.5 х 6.5 cm

    Hallmarks: "ZKARLAT", "O.C/1895", "84"; coat of arms of Warsaw


    Silver Hanukiyah in a form of a desktop lamp and candles holder for eight lights on four legs. Exhibited in a row eight lamps are fixed on a rectangular base with the shaped rear side serving also as light reflector. This side is decorated with the embossed floral ornaments, palm trees, fruits and birds, and topped with the so-called "the Torah Crown" (which is a mandatory element of the Torah decoration). An additional candle holder "Shamash" through which all other are lighted up subsequently is fixed on the upper part of the rear side. There is also a jag , which availability reveals the main content of the holiday. Hanukiyah is a ritual lamp which is lighted during one of the most revered holidays - Hanukkah, which in addition to Purim and Pesach reminds the key moments of Jewish history. Hanukkah is celebrated in winter commemorating the victory of the Maccabeus over the Greeks, their exile from the Temple and the resumption of the Temple service.

    According to the legend, the only one vessel of consecrated olive oil - chrism was found in the temple, which would be enough for one day of burning. Nevertheless, the Talmud tells us, that a miracle happened: it was enough oil in this small vessel to burn for eight days. Thus Hanukkah is celebrated during this period. Canonical Hanukkah objects are eight cups for oil or eight candlesticks and one additional ("utility") candle "Shamash" that is used for successive ignition of eight major lamps.

    See: Museum of the Jews' History in Russia. Album. M., 2015. Vol.1.