Russian Metal Artworks

Set for vodka or liqueur

    Set for vodka or liqueur

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    N. Frolov's silverware workshop

    Glass, silver; matt finishing, casting, chasing, carving, gilding

    Height 29.5 cm

    Marks: "НФ", tees of St Petersburg district Assay Department 1899-1903; silver alloy "84"


    Vodka or liqueur set comprised of three matt-finished glass decanters in silver casing with silver decorative stoppers and ten silver wine-glasses in silver casing with the Russian style handles. The casings' surface imitates the bark texture, that makes them look as wicker baskets. The "baskets" are connected by three crossed and tied tree trunks. A bear's figurine is at the top.  Wine-glasses are hooked  in each basket.