Russian Metal Artworks

Tea set in the Russian style with a bear's figure

    Tea set in the Russian style with a bear's figure

    Russia, Moscow

    Glass holder - 1889, glass - second half of the 19th century

    Unknown master

    Silver, glass; casting, engraving, gold plating, faceting

    Height: glass holder - 9 cm; glass - 8.5 cm; spoon - 14 cm long

    On the glass holder: "AE"; "A.A./1889"; "84"; Moscow city emblem
    On the lid: "AE", Moscow city emblem; "84"
    On the spoon: "A.A./1889"; "84"; Moscow city emblem


    Tea set consists of silver glass holder with removable lid, a glass and a silver spoon.

    The glass of cylindrical shape, slightly flared in the top of the body, "stone" or "Oliver" faceting (elongated ovals).

    The glass holder is cylindrical, on a circular base, with ornately shaped handle with a thumb ramp, made in the Russian style. The glass holder body is decorated with engraved images of flowers and herbs. The same design decorates the removable lid of the glass holder, the half of which is made in the form of a cast figure of a ramping bear. The bent handle of the glass holder is plain, free from any decor. The thumb ramp is plain, oval-shaped.

    The tea spoon has deep plain oval bowl and hexagonal belled-out handle. The bowl is decorated with floral design similar to that on the glass holder and the lid.